Top 4 OSRS Hunter Money Making Methods

The hunter skill is one of the most popular money making skills in P2P. Whilst one of the slower skills, it is still worth it to reach the higher levels, for some of the best earners outside of combat in all of OSRS.

Hunting Chinchompas

For the first method in this list, hunting chinchompas, there are some requirements, most of which will be needed for future methods. The quests needed are Eagles’ Peak, The Grand Tree and Swan Song. You will also need level 53 hunter, and a box trap (it is recommended to bring 2-3 box traps as there is a chance you can lose them through lag or disconnects). 250K gp/hr and 44.6k xp/hr is possible with this method. They can be found and trapped in the Piscatoris hunter area or the Kourend woodland. Because they are stackable constant banking is not needed. Chinchompas are always in demand for their use as a projectile in ranged training.

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Hunting Implings

This method can be hugely profitable but highly variable, with hourly profits usualy around 650k and experience rates ranging widely. You will need level 83 hunter for this method and It involves travelling to the maze at Puro-Puro and catching dragon implings using an impling jar. Other implings are available to give some profit so a magic/ butterfly net should also be bought. Other items recommended are some stamina potions, runes to cast the snare spell and some weight reducing clothing. It is strongly recommended to have completed the Lost city quest so you have permanent access to Puro-Puro in the Zanaris wheat field (east of the fairy ring). The other method of reaching Puro-Puro is using the temporary crop circles created by implings across Gielinor’s wheat fields, but this is too unreliable a method to bring in a decent hourly profit.

Hunting Red Chinchompas

For this method you will need 63 hunting (though 80+ is recommended), completion of the Eagle’s Peak and it’s recommended to have completed the Western Provinces Diary (hard). You will need 4+ box traps, a bow, around 200 arrows per hour and any of Ava’s devices to save on arrow cost is recommended. The best location is the red chincompa hunting ground which is unlocked after completion of the Western Provinces Diary (hard).

Hunting Black Chinchompas

The best hunting money maker, earning up to 1.12m gp/hr is hunting black chinchompas. 80+ hunting is recommended, although it’s possible to catch them from level 73. You should bring 6 box traps and you can use darts to kill any that wander off. Completion of Eagles peak is also required, and it’s recommended to use any of Ava’s devices to limit the cost of darts. 110K xp/hr is possible at the higher levels. Chinchompas are located south-east of the lava maze in the wilderness, meaning there is a always a constant threat from pkers, make sure not to bring expensive equipment or anything you don’t want to lose. A burning amulet can be used to reach the lava maze and will not cut into profit too much, whilst reducing some risk of traversing the wilderness.

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