OSRS Woodcutting Guide 2019

osrs woodcutting guide

Woodcutting can be a complex skill to train with many choices to make at each corner. Fortunately for you, this guide has you covered! Whether you are free-to-play or have membership, want to make some profit or maximize experience, or want a mix of both: no problem! Feel free to read whichever sections are applicable to you, and the relevant information will be there for you.

Woodcutting is a versatile skill. If you wish to change your mind at any point, you’re able to switch up your training methods on the fly.

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The completion of quests can be extremely rewarding. At some point in your Old School RuneScape ventures, you’re probably going to want to have completed most quests regardless. This is because the Barrows Gloves requires around 130 quest points and Dragon Slayer 2 requires roughly 200 quest points. Then on top of that, you have diaries and prerequisites to other quests that offer other rewards you may be interested in: for example, Tears of Guthix.

If you have to do the quest anyway, you may as well get the reward at lower levels, when it’s actually useful for you and progresses you further. If you complete the quest later, you’ve lost out in terms of time optimization, the rewards don’t scale to your level – they’re fixed numbers, unfortunately. To put this into context, we aren’t talking about when you’re 99 Woodcutting. If you gain 5,000 woodcutting XP at level 80, you won’t progress a level. But from level 1, you’re propelled directly to level 20 with 5,000 woodcutting experience.

Let’s give you a complete rundown on quests, so you can decide whether they’re worth it for you personally.

Woodcutting experience quests:

  • Monk’s Friend rewards 2,000 experience in Woodcutting and has no requirements at all. Highly recommended as it’s a short quest.
  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper rewards 4,000 Woodcutting XP. No requirements aside the ability to defeat a level 90 enemy – you can also use prayer here.
  • Enlightened Journey gives 1.5k Woodcutting experience, but you need 20 quest points, 20 Firemaking, 36 Crafting, and 30 Farming.
  • Skrach Uglogwee miniquest: Recipe for Disaster. Awards you with 1.5k woodcutting experience but requires 20 Firemaking and 41 Cooking. To be fair, you can get 41 Cooking in under an hour, it’s an extremely fast skill compared to others.
  • Heroes’ Quest gives only 1575 experience but requires 50 Mining, 50 quest points, 53 Cooking and Fishing, and 25 Herblore. Probably not worth it if you aren’t already close to the requirements, despite it being a useful quest in general it doesn’t award much for a long quest.
  • Animal Magnetism will give you 2,500 experience in Woodcutting, requiring level 35. This quest is integral in your OSRS journey as it gives you Ava’s Assembler and variants such as Ava’s Accumulator, saving you millions of OSRS gold from losing arrows! You only need 18 Slayer (complete Varrock Museum miniquest to boost Slayer slightly), 19 Crafting and 30 Ranged. Those stats are easily achievable.  
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie will give you 2,500 experience. You do need 5 Construction and 46 Magic, though.
  • Fremennik Trials will give you 2,800 experience but requires 40 Woodcutting.
  • The Fremennik Isles will give you 10,000 experience. It’s a long quest with some prerequisites quests, but it’s one of those quests that you’re going to have to have completed at some point. You also need: 20 Construction, 40 Agility, and 46 Crafting.
  • At level 70 Woodcutting, you can complete Song of the Elves. You’ll get a whopping 20,000 experience. As with all good things, there’s always a catch, sadly. You will need level 70 in all of the following: Agility, Construction, Farming, Herblore, Hunter, Smithing & Mining. 
  • At level 71 Woodcutting, there’s Grim Tales, giving 14,000 experience. The requirements are 45 Farming, 59 Agility, 52 Herblore, and 58 Thieving.

Lamp quests (you can put experience into any skill of your choice):

  • X Marks the Spot, rewards 300 experience. Incredibly short quest that takes 10 minutes.
  • Client of Kourend, rewards up to 1,000 experience (you get two XP lamps). This quest should be completed because it’s an integral part of Old School RuneScape, unlocking Kourend which leads into Kourend favour.
  • Darkness of Hallowvale rewards 6,000 experience. Your woodcutting must be above 30. You will need 40 Strength, 33 Magic, 32 Crafting, 22 Thieving, 5 Construction and 20 Mining.
  • Fairytale II – Cure a Queen rewards 2,500 XP. Your woodcutting must be above level 30. However you need 49 Farming and 57 Herblore, plus completing a few prerequisite quests such as Fairytale I.
  • A Tail of Two Cats rewards 5,000 experience. Requires 30+ Woodcutting. However, it doesn’t require any other skills to be levelled.
  • The Great Brain Robbery gives 5,000 XP. 30+ woodcutting is mandatory, and you need 30 Construction, 50 Prayer, and 16 Crafting.
  • One Small Favour gives a huge 20,000 experience and you only need 30 woodcutting. You do need 36 Agility, 30 Smithing, 18 Herblore, and 25 Crafting. 
  • A Taste of Hope gives you 2,500 experience. You need 35 woodcutting or higher. This quest has hefty requirements: 48 Crafting, 38 Slayer, 45 Agility, 40 Herblore & Attack.
  • Architectural Alliance gives 10,000 experience but requires you to have very high stat requirements. You also need to be 40+ Woodcutting. You essentially need to complete all of Kourend favour tasks, which can take days if you don’t already meet the requirements and don’t have enough GP.
  • Curse of the Empty Lord will provide you with 10K experience, requires 40+ Woodcutting, 31+ Prayer.
  • King’s Ransom will give you 5,000 experience, providing you have 65 Defence and 50 Woodcutting.

There are a few other quests you can complete. However, they are not worth it whatsoever for woodcutting training, because the stat requirements are sky-high. Namely these quests are Legends Quest and Recipe for Disaster (final segment).

Equipment & Minigames

As far as equipment goes, there’s the Lumberjack outfit and Kandarin headgear – both of which require OSRS membership. There are some other items, but they aren’t particularly important for training Woodcutting. 

The Kandarin headgear 1 will give double logs from normal trees. This incorporates dying trees, evergreen trees, jungle trees, and dead trees. The Kandarin headgear 2 or higher will give 10% extra experience when cutting maple trees in Seers’ village. It also includes the double bonus from headgear 1. You can get these headgear pieces from completing the Kandarin diary.

The Lumberjack outfit, if all four pieces are won, will give 1.8% experience when Woodcutting. The only disadvantage is you can’t wear Graceful if you’re wearing the Lumberjack outfit. To obtain this outfit, you need 44 Woodcutting and will need to complete the Temple Trekking minigame numerous times. It will take some hours to get your outfit. It is by no means required, but it does help, moreso at later levels where the 1.8% adds up more.

As far as axes go, we’ve compiled a list for you. Just note if you don’t have the attack level – that’s fine, but you can’t wield the axe. You will use the axe, but it’ll consume a spot in your inventory, meaning you’ll have further trips to the bank and dropping logs will become slightly more tedious. It’s probably best to level your attack before wielding the next tier for sanity’s sake.

  • 1 Woodcutting, 1 Attack: use the Iron axe. The Bronze axe is also available, but it’s pointless to use that because the Iron has the same level requirements but is better. Even without the smithing levels, Bob’s Axe shop in Lumbridge will help you!
  • 6 Woodcutting, 5 Attack: Steel axe.
  • 11 Woodcutting, 10 Attack: Black axe.
  • 21 Woodcutting, 20 Attack: Mithril axe.
  • 31 Woodcutting, 30 Attack: Adamant axe.
  • 41 Woodcutting, 40 Attack: Rune axe. Note: if you’re free-to-play, this is the best axe you can get.
  • 61 Woodcutting, 60 Attack: Dragon axe. Don’t be deterred here! In mining, the Dragon pickaxe will cost you roughly 3 million GP. The Dragon axe here however will only cost you about 40,000 GP, completely cheap. Furthermore, it is 10% more efficient than a Rune axe. It also has a special attack you can activate that will provide you +3 Woodcutting boost.
  • Third Age axe is purely cosmetic, it’s the same as Dragon axe. Not worth it unless you’re an avid fashionscaper!
  • (Optional) Infernal axe, same requirements as Dragon axe, has the same special attack. Has around 5,000 uses but around a 33% chance each log cut will be burnt. This provides you with firemaking experience and uses less inventory space. However, you must use a smouldering stone on the Dragon axe which will cost 2 million OSRS GP for only 5,000 uses.
  • (Optional) 71 Woodcutting, 70 Attack: Crystal axe. Has around 10,000 uses. Costs around 3-5 million GP.  Combine a Dragon axe with a crystal tool seed and 120 crystal shards. Can be recharged with crystal shards, each providing 100 charges, with its value being around 10,000 gold per shard. It is only around 5% faster than a Dragon axe, so it’s up to you whether you think it’s worth it. All crystal equipment has the degradation property, no exception here.

If you do use equipment that degrades, you are unlikely to profit from Woodcutting. The nests you get will be reinvested to those charges by default. 

P2P EXP Route

This is actually the most balanced route you can get. Why? You’ll actually always make a profit through Woodcutting if you’re a member. You’ll get nests that could contain seeds worth 100,000+ OSRS GP. Hence, you’ll likely end up with millions at 99 even if you never intended to focus on the gold aspect. This route assumes you’re for whatever reason, skipping out on all quests.

  • Level 1-15, cut down regular trees. You can’t actually cut anything else, so this is your only option! Or you can cut down your quests…
  • 15-30, oak trees. A good place is around the Grand Exchange walls, where you can also find many regular trees at the GE.
  • Levels 30-35, Willow trees. Head to Draynor village to find these, you’ll only need to do a few inventories anyway.
  • At 35-99, Teak trees are your best friend. Tick manipulation means Teak trees are actually the best trees to cut to 99 if you’re aware how to 2-tick. However this is incredibly click intensive, and makes a passive skill into an incredibly active one. To find these trees, the easiest location is south west of Castle Wars.

Alternative route (no tick manipulation):

  • 65-90: Sulliusceps are the trees you need to cut. You will need to have access to Fossil Island. You can also cut these trees until 99 and you’ll make roughly 6 million gold, because you’ll get valuable fossils.
  • 90-99: Redwood trees are far more passive, at the Woodcutting guild. However, experience wise, it is better to continue Sulliusceps, it can be refreshing to switch up the pace and relax for your final levels.

P2P Profit Route

  • Follow the experience route until level 54. Don’t bother selling cheap logs before this, you won’t make much comparatively. The only exception is Teak logs which are very profitable, but not as profitable as the next suggestion.
  • Levels 54-99: Arctic pine logs. This will net you around 300,000 OSRS gold per hour, however it will come at a cost. You will only get 25% of the experience per hour that’d you get on the experience route. You can find these trees at Neitiznot. Whilst the XP is a bit of a bummer, you can switch up training methods every now and then. After all, variety is great, and if variety comes with plenty of money, why not?

F2P EXP Route

Questing for experience is pretty pointless as a Free-to-Play player. There’s a limited number of quests and they don’t reward much, it is best to just train directly aside from a few exceptions like The Knight’s Sword for Smithing. Experience gains from P2P are more effective because they reward a lot more XP generally and it’s combined with tons of quests, so it pays off in the end. Questing is also more difficult in F2P as you don’t get teleport jewelry and Agility to shorten down quest length.

  • 1-15, regular trees, just like the P2P section. The best locations for regular trees and Oak trees is the Grand Exchange surrounding area.
  • Levels 15-30, Oak trees. 
  • Levels 30-45, focus on Willow trees. They’re located south-west of Draynor village bank.
  • 45-99, you have Maple trees. You will need to complete Dragon Slayer and The Corsair’s Curse. These trees can be found at the Corsair Cove Resources area.

F2P Profit Route

Profitability can be difficult when we’re looking at Free-to-Play. This is due to the problem of bots essentially dominating everything in F2P, in every world, as the accounts are 0 risk and automated setup. Whilst resource congestion can be difficult, look for areas that have quest completion requirements, such as Corsair Cove Resources area. It is best to look at the current market rates and your level when determining profitability. You only actually have access to: regular trees, Oak trees, Willow trees, Maple trees, and Yew trees. Whilst the lack of selection is a limiting factor, it does make it easy to pick your favorite in terms of experience and money making.

  • Starting at level 60 Woodcutting, Yew trees are generally considered the most profitable trees to cut. You can find these at Varrock Palace or at the Corsair Cove Resources area as aforementioned.


Woodcutting can be a fun skill to train. You don’t have to pay much attention and it offers a great balance of money and experience. You are easily able to switch up your training methods without much effort. The skill is rather passive, so you can easily do something in the background whilst training and watch the time fly by.

Once you have levelled your Woodcutting, ensure to take full advantage of it. Building canoes can speed up your journeys tenfold, so make sure to refer to your map if you’re going on a long-walk. You will need your woodcutting for many diaries, and paramount quests such as Lost City, Legends’ quest, Animal magnetism and many more.

You will also gain access to the Woodcutting guild at level 60, providing you’re a member. You will need 75% Hosidious house favour, which requires completion of Client of Kourend, a quest we previously mentioned. As you can tell, quests are something you just can’t ignore! The Woodcutting guild provides easy access to banking and an invisible +7 boost, which stacks with other boosts you have (e.g. Dragon axe special action).

A final consideration to note is how this skill ties in with others. Woodcutting’s matching skill is Construction, it’s where you get the raw resources to train that skill. If you don’t have enough capital to purchase training materials, it could be more fun to simply collect everything yourself. However, it is better to make a high profit and then buy the materials you need directly, rather than collecting cheap logs for hours. This is because logs are noted drops from bosses which mean their prices are well below collection rates.

We hope you have fun woodcutting. Also, good luck getting that beaver pet from the skill – it’s one of the best ones!  

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