OSRS Update Log: May 2nd

This week’s update comes with a few quality of life changes, a new spell mechanic and a new interface change.

Quality of Life Update

The changed outlined below are the result of player polls that were focused on improving previous content.

The first major change was the Automated Plank Make spell. This spell now automatically casts itself through your entire inventory making plank making more afk. This automation comes at a cost of 2 game ticks being wasted between casts.

The next change is that a NPC named Perdu will now take payments directly from a player’s bank if that player doesn’t have any coins currently in their backpack. This will help player get their lost gear back faster and let players get their items back even if they forget their cash stack.

Another change that came with this week’s update is that when players leave the mage arena with coins in their inventory, your coins will automatically be deposited into the coin collector at the mage arena and you will get the appropriate rewards.

A change also came to the barrows brother looting chest. If you currently have bolt racks equipped in your ammo slot, any new bolt racks you obtain will also be pur in your ammo slot to help save space for more important items.

One big update is that players may no longer trade pure essence in the Ourania Cave essentially killing off ZMY Ess Runners. This update puts an end to the insane runecrafting rates people were getting making other people run their pure essence for them.

Theatre Of Blood Changes

Some spawn rates and animation changes were implemented to help smooth out the TOB experience.

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