OSRS Update Log: April 25th

After a long wait – the PVP community finally has something to be excited about. The Bounty hunter minigame has finally returned to OSRS.

“The biggest change you’ll notice is that on Bounty Hunter worlds, all players in the Wilderness are skulled automatically – but these aren’t your ordinary skulls! They feature different designs that reflect the highest tier of Emblem you (and your opponents!) are currently carrying. “

said the osrs mods responsible for the bounty hunter updates. You will also now need a combat level of 30 to be able to participate in bounty hunter along with the need to carry emblems or 20k in cash to participate.

A new emblem type has also been added to the game. And with it a whole slew of changes to the emblem system!

“Mysterious Emblems have been discontinued. The next time you log in, any remaining Mysterious Emblems you have will be exchanged for gold.

Their replacement is Antique Emblems, which will appear as loot drops from your targets. There’s also a chance for the loot roll to upgrade the Emblem, although this is dependent on the following factors:

  • Your target’s combat level. Higher level targets will drop better rewards!
  • The highest tier of Emblem you’re currently carrying. Again, the more you risk, the more prizes you’ll get.
  • Whether the kill took place in a hotspot. Bear in mind that this will only apply for the first kill in that hotspot, to prevent farming.
  • Whether the kill completed a task.”

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