Archaeology: Runescape 3 New Skill

Hello everyone – we know this is a primarily OSRS related blog but we had to write about this huge new release for our sister game – RS3. Runescape’s newest skill Archaeology is a gathering skill and is RS3’s 28th skill. The new skill – unlike others – allows free to play players to get to level 20 before having to purchase members to continue.

The skill primarily deals with excavating with maddocks and is rumored to use divination energies to build certain tools required for the skill. This is why some of the divination energies are so costly!

Be sure to check out RSGoldFast for all your Runescape 3 Gold needs since this new skill will require a LOT of gold to max out quickly. Some estimates are around the 5-6 billion gold to get to 200 million Archaeology experience. The best way to get this gold is to simply purchase it from them saving you a lot of time that could be used skilling!

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